Voices From Silence _Cinematography

Voices From Silence

Every day, 32 people commit suicide in Brazil. The chances of suicide are higher because people don’t talk about it. Therefore, we created a silent choir, which encouraged people to release their voices.




Brazil is known for the happiness of its people. But it has the 8th highest suicide rate in the world. The causes are many. However, there is an aspect of popular culture that aggravates the situation: the theme “suicide” is still a taboo. Those who experience problems such as depression and anxiety find it difficult to talk about the subject. Relatives and friends of people who have committed suicide are ashamed to talk about the cause of death of their loved ones. The theme is still surrounded by prejudices and silence is the worst enemy of those who suffer. Because talking about it saves lives. Approximately 90% of people who talk about the problem give up committing suicide.


Talking saves lives. That is why Libbs, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, and CVV, the largest voluntary association to fight suicide in the country, decided to create a silent choir to stimulate those who feel the pain associated with suicide to release their voices. To lead this choir, we invited an artist who leads one of the most famous carnival blocks in Brazil: Carlinhos Brown. This cheerful figure created a surprising contrast by conducting the 32 singers who represented the daily victims of suicide, in an exciting video clip that uses music to invite the audience to seek help.


In relation to photography, we use diopters and filters such as Black Promist, to capture the sensory photography of the characters. To capture realistic naturalism, we use a set of anamorphic lenses. The intention was to convey the deepest feelings of the characters. A dense photograph, combined with pauses, silences and effects, collaborate with the poetic gaze. The rhythm and fluidity of body language connects the viewer with the pains of the characters. Meanwhile, the camera movement immerses the characters, experiencing their anxieties with them.

“It brings an empathic message and encourages dialogue on the topic.”


“It exalts the importance of life and inspires dialogue about suicide.”


“The lyrics show the importance of dialogue with people who are depressed and having suicidal thoughts.”





+USD 4 MILLION in spontaneous media

17 MILLION impressions

2 MILLION views on YouTube alone